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Programing course for young children age 9-12

Teach young children basic coding in programing based on Rasberry pi to build simple robotics and 2 other simple applications.
Our key objective is to develop the young children interest in Engineering design work, show them how Engineering design can create new invention for the future.

Programing course for secondary student 13-15

Teach student the immediate coding in programing based on Rasberry pi to build electronics gadgets including remote camera, intelligent robotics and gadget for household applications
Our key objective is to stimulate the “invention” interest of these age group, show them how “invention” will help “reshape” their future.

Advance programing course for young adult age 16-18

Teach young adult to build more advance electronics gadgets, we target 2 electronics gadgets and encourage student to “invent” their idea on new gadget. Our key objective is to stimulate their keen interest in Engineering design work and further their invention skillset

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Our teachers are carefully selected with good qualification background, and most important, their keen interest in technology development. Beside technically trained, they are also being trained to managed young children growth potential


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We also conduct private courses based on Rasberry Pi

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